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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Trusting In Nature

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I find myself taken with summer this year. Deeply appreciating the fullness, richness, beauty of Nature in her greatest glory. Even with some unusually hot spells, there is an invitation to bask in the warmth and relaxation that summer invites us into. Feeling immense gratitude for this stunningly beautiful season.

We- all living beings/things- are deeply connected with Earth energy and her magnificent expression as Nature. Earth/Nature is our root, and the root of all life on this planet.

Animals and humans, we have always trusted in Nature, giving way to her rhythms and movements and following her lead. We have all come to depend upon and acclimate to her seasons and patterns. And it seems that this is where our trust in Nature rests. In how we feel we know her as predictable and embodying patterns that we can depend upon.

And yet now, Earth/Nature is very different. Powerful influences are impacting her in dramatic ways. From the stunning shift in the Earth's magnetic field 5 years ago to the pressures that are squeezing her through climate change, Nature's patterns are not always predictable. Many parts of the country and the world are feeling this very directly. And, we are often struggling to feel the kind of the comfort and trust in Nature that we experienced and depended upon in the past.

We most often assume that trust is based upon what we see, experience, feel, what we seem to know. We find great comfort in knowing, in the predictable, in patterns that are consistent. With Nature fluctuating in ways we have never experienced before, how do we trust in Nature- and what can we trust in?

At the level of reality that expresses as phenomena- the level of Nature and Life- there is always flux and change. This is how we/animals, Earth/Nature grow and evolve. Yet now, we have entered into a place of greater unknowing/unknown, where what we used to count on is dissolving and where change can be radical and extreme.

If we look to the animals, and ask this question, perhaps we may begin to glean what they, in their deeper wisdom, seem to understand about trust:

"What is that you are trusting in as you walk in rhythm with Earth/Nature/Life? Where does your trust reside?"

And, listening quietly, you might hear their response. Trust is not necessarily about a relationship with ordinary life experience. It is a letting go into, an opening to That From Which Earth, Nature, our lives, all living beings' lives, arise. It is a giving over to the Source of all creation, all manifestation. A surrendering into the unseeable, the unknowable- into The Source from which the Great Intention to manifest as myriad expressions of life emerges.

Animals live in this alignment, in this trust- it is simply natural for them to do so. And, it is natural for us as well. When we allow ourselves to release the need to trust in something tangible and open to resting, trusting in the Source of All, our relationship with Life/ Nature and change will alter.

From Source arises the impulse to manifest as Life. And Life wants to continually express as more and greater Life. That is its deepest intention and natural movement.

We can observe this in the simplest ways in our daily lives. Just look at a stretch of pavement. No matter how smoothly pavement is poured, if there is the tiniest crack, a shoot will sprout up. A blade of grass, a weed, a plant. Life is always looking to create more and greater Life wherever it can. Nature/Life will find the space to become Life, even when there is only the tiniest of openings.

This we can trust in. The Source from which all Life emerges, the impulse of Life that always wants to express as more Life. As we seat ourselves in trust in Source, we will be able to navigate and adapt to change more gracefully. Even dramatic change. And we will remain connected with the Great Impulse that permeates Earth/Nature and always looks to create more Life.


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