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The Universe Of Chippie

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

When I moved to this home in 2018, I was thrilled that there were chipmunks who scampered across my patio. Then,

in 2020, they all disappeared. Rabbits disappeared at the same time. I had been hearing the calls of birds of prey close by and I had seen a few hawks.

And then. Lo and behold! This spring. A very small Eastern chipmunk appeared on my patio. I was beyond excited to see this beautiful tiny being. I called out: "Chippie!" and he picked up his head and looked at me, remaining only a few feet away. I considered asking him what his true name is but he seemed so happy to hear "Chippie" that we kept it at that.

When I open the patio slider in the morning and call his name, Chippie often runs over. Jaya races to the slider and crouches with his nose close to the screen. He watches everything Chippie does from nibbling on tiny grasses to sun bathing on the pavers. Chippie often sits a few feet from the slider screen and he and Jaya will sometimes relax in comunion, no longer predator and prey in these moments. It is beautiful to witness.

Chippie's favorite spot is on a cement block that was an umbrella stand. He sits there

for hours on end, surveying his territory. When I am on the patio reading, Chippie will sometimes come over and walk under my legs. When friends come to visit, Chippie sits

on his cement perch four feet away and listens to the conversation with great alertness...

for hours.

He has taught me to recognize his (incredibly loud) chirp and I am attuned to his call

from almost anywhere in my home. He has inspired me to offer him red grapes and

he often races to the slider when I open it and call him for his treat. He is slowly

training me, teaching me his ways. I listen and follow.

Who is Chippie? Certainly, of course, he is a chipmunk... and what he is demonstrating

is that he- and most likely all chipmunks- is more complex than we have been taught

to think. He is sweet, intelligent, sensitive, has awareness and understanding and a

charming personality. He communicates- and seems to enjoy conversations- and is

an active part of this relationship.

He is inviting me- and all of us- to let go of our limited thinking about who he is- or

who any animal is- and to stop, look, listen, pay attention, and see who is in front of

us and how that one reveals themself to us.

Such an honor and prviledge to be welcomed into the world of a chipmunk.

The universe of Chippie has become our universe.

And ours, in some small ways, has become his.

What a tremendous gift!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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