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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

The Faces We See

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

When we look at our animal family members' faces- or at the faces of the wild ones- who/what do we see?

Usually, we are struck by the beauty, adorableness, stuningness, surprisingness of who is before us. The physical grabs us first. And, if we are in relationship with the animal, all of our feelings/ideas about him/her begin to color our interpretation. With the wild ones, our concepts, thoughts, feelings about their species flood our perception of who they are.

Rarely do we actually see the being- this one animal being- as s/he truly is. Beautifully represented of course by physical, mental and emotional aspects ...and yet...there is more to who s/he is, isn't there.

Rarely do we slow everything down, take a few moments in inner stillness, to feel/see/sense who is in front of us... who this soul is....what Spirit is expressing as and through this individual being.

When we allow ourselves to see through our own deeper eyes- through the eyes of our soul nature- the animal in front of us appears very differently to us. One who had seemed to be simply a representative of his/her species may begin to reveal the deeper qualities of his/her nature: the enormity of his/her greater intelligence, the depth of his/her love, the qualities of his/her soul.

When we go beyond the lens of species differences and species discrimination, beyond the lens of the personal- likes, dislikes, and preferences- we may be very surprised by whom we meet and grow to know. If we open, gently open ...and sense/see... his/her deeper face- the face of the Divine- revealed through and as this amazing being, we may begin to experience our Universal Oneness.

Try it. First with your animal family members. Then with the wild ones. Or sanctuaried ones. See what it is like when you soften and relax and allow the eyes of your soul to see the eyes of another soul. You may be surprised to discover how we are all kindred spirits.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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