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New Year's Blessing

As we round the end of 2023, a time to recall all the beauty of this year- in our lives and in our world- and all of the tragedy we've faced- personally and as a global community.

Bowing to it all... and letting it go... as we enter this new year with all of its great possibilities.

Wishing you and your family- and our world- all blessings at this time of new beginnings.

Blessing by Carrie Newcomer

“May you wake with a sense of play,

 An exultation of the possible.

 May you rest without guilt,

 Satisfied at the end of a day well done.

 May all the rough edges be smoothed,

 If to smooth is to heal,

 And the edges be left rough,

 When the unpolished is more true

 And infinitely more interesting.

 May you wear your years like a well-tailored coat

 Or a brave sassy scarf.

 May every year yet to come

 Be one more bright button

 Sewn on a hat you wear at a tilt.

 May the friendships you’ve sown

 Grown tall as summer corn.

 And the things you’ve left behind,

 Rest quietly in the unchangeable past.

 May you embrace this day,

 Not just as any old day,

 But as this day.

 Your day.

 Held in trust

 By you,

 In a singular place,

 Called now."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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