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Merlin Update!

You'll want to read this:

Merlin update!

First read Merlin's story on the "session for your animal" page.

I've been offering healing to Merlin for a little while now. He receives spiritual healing in individual private sessions as well as receiving in the Circle of Healing where he is a "Circle regular".

Merlin is always open and eager to receive healing energy- and is a wonderful healing support to newcomers to Circle.

Here is Merlin's Mom Zan's most recent email to me.

From Zan, on 1/3/18:

"Merlin had his echocardiogram today and we are dropping another heart medication, from four to two. Wow oh wow! The vets are pretty impressed. His heart size is back to near normal, no leakage to the pericardium and not as much back-flushing in the valve. Thank you so much for your part in it! I’m so glad and grateful again for your careful attention."

Always an honor and privilege for me Zan to support Merlin in his journey to health, balance and well being. I feel like a proud Aunt.

Good job Merlin! Love you!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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