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Meet Mojo & Gijo

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Mojo and Gijo's loving mom Barbara sent this sharing about her boys. How unusual that two siblings would have the same medical issue at exactly the same time. They are lovely beings and I am so grateful that they continue to do well

even with this difficult diagnosis.

Barbara writes:

"Mojo and Gijo are my two 13 year old Bengal cats. As litter mates, they have literally never been apart.

About 11 months ago, after a precipitous weight loss, they were both diagnosed with intestinal cancer. I was bereft, thinking I would lose them imminently. But with special food and transdermal prednisone, they rallied. I was very clear that I would not take heroic measures to extend their lives, but just give them the best quality of life in the time that remains.

About 8 months ago, Joanna started working with us. I felt she had an immediate connection with the boys. During our initial call, Mojo jumped up on me and she said: “Wow Mojo jumped forward” - literally.

After their weekly healing sessions (private healing one week, Circle healing the next), they are more energetic and communicative with me. I sincerely believe that Joanna’s healing has extended their lives and enhanced their quality of life.

I am very grateful to have found her."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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