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Intentional Envisioning

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

January always seem to be an inspirational month. The hope and promise that we often feel in approaching the new year seems lit up in January as we sense the momentum of new possibilities before us.

We often make resolutions at the new year, trying to fix in our minds and hearts new visions we have for ourselves and our lives. And, we often find that the strength of those resolutions fade, sometimes quickly, as we get busy in our lives.

Instead of "resolving" to do or be in some way- perhaps there is another way. Take a look at the photo of the cat above. What do you see, what do you feel? Can you see in this cat's eyes, feel in his/her body language and energy, that s/he is highly focused (on prey). That her/his intention is absolute. That s/he is in complete energetic alignment with the other, that the vision of the intention is already realized inside him/herself. S/he is one with the other and the vision, and in this cat's being, there is only one possible outcome.

And yet, if something unexpected happens- such as the prey animal finds an out- this cat will instantly adapt and change course, fully committed to the new direction. In complete energetic alignment, immersed in a pure vision of the outcome, intention never wavering.

We could call this "intentional envisioning". An absoluteness of intention, focus and alignment in an unwavering vision of realized outcome.

Whether we are looking at a predator/prey relationship or any other situation that an animal is experiencing- such as a horse who is an experienced jumper coming to the fences- you may observe the same qualities- intention, alignment, envisioning.

Perhaps we can learn from animals a different way of creating in our lives. Instead of "resolving"... envisioning. Envisioning in alignment and with intention. Perhaps this is the new way forward to bring more creativity into our lives and into our world.

And when our creative impulse also includes benefit for the "other", we will be an integral part of creating new possibilities not only in our lives but also in the lives of our human and animal family members and our global human and animal family.

In Gratitude and Love, Joanna


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