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In Tao

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

This story about an old Taoist rainmaker was told to Carl Jung by his colleague Richard Wilhelm who was a witness to the events that transpired. Wilhelm was

a Chinese scholar, the translator of both the Tao Te Ching as well as the I Ching. This is reportedly one of Jung's favorite stories and his recounting of it.

The Rainmaker

There was a terrible drought in that part of China where Richard Wilhelm was living.

After all the ways to bring rain that the people knew had been tried, they decided to send for a rainmaker. This interested Wilhelm very much and he was careful to be there when the rainmaker arrived.

The man came in a covered cart- a small, wizened old man who sniffed the air with evident distaste as he got out of the cart and asked to be left alone in a small cottage outside the village. Even his meals were to be laid down outside the door.

Nothing was heard from him for three days. Then, it not only rained, but there was also a big downfall of snow, unknown at that time of year.

Very much impressed, Wilhelm sought the rainmaker out and asked him how it was that he could make rain, and even snow.

The rainmaker replied, “I have not made the snow. I am not responsible for it."

Wilhelm insisted that there was a terrible drought until he came and then after three days they even had quantities of snow.

The old man answered:

"Oh, I can explain that. You see, I come from a place where the people are in order. They are in Tao, so the weather is also in order.

But directly I got here, I saw the people were out of order and this also infected me. So

I remained alone until I was once more in Tao. And then, of course, it snowed."

As we are in deeper balance... our lives, our world, may be in better balance.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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