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Faith In The Process

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

This lovely story about Byron and Christian is from Best Friends, the animal sanctuary that cares for hundreds of animals in the canyons of Kanab, Utah. The philosophy of Best Friends is based on kindness and compassion, deeply honoring and respecting each animal in their care.

What this journey between Byron and Christian so beautifully demonstrates is how gently listening, softly allowing and guiding each animal- in their own timing- will support each one in opening, growing, and becoming who they were always meant to be- their exquisitely shining self.

Byron’s Breakthrough

"Bryon doesn’t act or look like he did when he arrived at the Sanctuary in the winter of 2021. He has gained confidence and learned to relax, and the worried, tense expression has melted from his face.

Byon spent the first five years of his life in the wild, where life can be challenging. The high-desert climate is harsh, food and water are scarce, and predators are ever-present. The little mustang learned to act without thinking, which kept him alive but made it difficult for him to be around people. To acclimate to life around humans, Byron would have to overcome many of the instincts he’d honed during his life in the desert.

Equine trainer Christian Mathews grew up around horses, following the traditional methods taught by his grandfather for cowboying and ranching. He began working at Horse Haven because he wanted to learn a gentler, more compassionate way to handle horses, which meant interacting with them in a whole new way.

With a horse like Bryon, it’s better to go too slow than too fast. The saddling process, for example, took six months, but that’s what Bryon needed to feel safe. “This method trains the mind before the body, which results in the horses not doing things as fast as other methods,” Christian explains. “But when they do them, they are confident, composed, and relaxed.”

Byron has now progressed to being ridden, and while it’s still new to him, he’s proving how capable he can be as a riding partner. Recently, Christian and Byron went on a trail ride with a staff member who was riding a horse who was scared and nervous. So, they put Byron in front and let him lead. Taking cues from Byron, the other horse started to relax and calm down.

Watching Byron’s transformation has been an incredible experience for Christian. He says that the most important lesson Byron has taught him is to have faith in the process, be patient, and allow relationship between horse and handler to grow naturally.

As for Bryon? “We’re going to keep working with him in a slow and compassionate way,” Christian says. “If we keep that up with him, or with any horse we work with, the sky is the limit.”

Wishing you and all your family members and friends a peaceful, joyous, renewing holiday.


May the love we feel radiate into our world, blessing all in peace.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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