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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Ever-New Possibilities

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Joyous blessings to you in the new year!

The new year. We look to this moment not only as a marker in our time on earth but also symbolically as a time of new beginnings- a time of letting go of the past and stepping into something different, within ourselves and in our world.

An opening into new possibilities.

As we open to embrace new possibilities, how beautiful is it if we can include our animal family members- and all animals- in our new thinking, new feeling, new vision, new understanding.

Can we be so open as to look at our animals with clear fresh eyes, with eyes of openness and curiosity? Can we release any assumptions we have about animals, any ways that we have them fixed in our minds, in our hearts? Can we continually ask the question: "In the deepest part of who you are, who are you?" and be ready for a new and surprising answer?

Animals, like us, are open to and available for new possibilities as we create the space around them for that to occur. As we invite and encourage them welcome them to evolve and emerge as the next and more beautiful incarnation of themselves, our animal family members will feel the freedom to explore their own natures and manifest more of who they truly are and who they are becoming. They will transform- as we all will- and become an even deeper expression of who they are as Spirit in form here on earth.

The invitation- in today's new beginning, every day's new beginning- is to make this a day of opening to new possibilities. Possibilities in ourselves, in our animal beloveds, in others- human and animal- in all life. To live today in an open heart, open mind, open soul, ready to see, hear, and feel what is we are open.

In Love & Gratitude, Joanna


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