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Both at Once

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Here we are. Almost mid April. Still, in our at-home sanctuaries. Fear, sadness, stress, grief, disbelief, uncertainty in us, in our families, our communities, our world. Not knowing in the deepest possible sense- how our lives will, tomorrow, in the future.

We may also be recognizing, at the same time, how this "forced stop" is impacting our lives and our world in positive ways. From less rushing to more spaciousness. From more distance to more connection. I would imagine that you are keeping up, as I am, with the many insights about life that are being illuminated right now.

Did you read, that as we humans virtually stopped our activity on the planet, that the earth is shaking less? Our human activities causes our planet to shake in dramatic ways. With the cessation in our activity, scientists can now feel more precisely the actual frequencies/movements of the earth and not the ones that we are causing. What might that mean to the health and well being of our earth- and of course of every living being- if we stop causing our earth to shake? Perhaps this one awareness will invite us to re-evaluate the way in which we move around our planet and seriously consider how we can begin to tread more lightly and gently going forward.

In many spiritual teachings- and also in psychology- we can learn about the deeply impactful practice of "holding the opposites" or being with "both at once." In psychology, a sign of strong mental/emotional health is the capacity to hold two completely opposing thoughts/feeling at once. Having internal space for both simultaneously.

In spiritual teaching, through the capacity to energetically "hold/be with" two opposite energies at once- neither leaning into or preferring one or moving away from or resisting the other- something quite unexpected can occur. A "third thing" can emerge. An opening into a very different state of consciousness, beyond opposites. A new level of being that may offer expanded insight.

Just imagine. Being fully with the enormous fear/sadness you may be feeling right now. And, at the same time, being fully with the heart-opening joy you may be feeling in the deeper connections you may be having. Two diametrically opposing feelings. Imagine allowing both to live inside you, as big as they are, at the same time.

And without looking to have a different kind of experience or trying to create one....just see what happens. Embracing the opposites, being with "both at once", may open in you a surprising new place to rest. In yourself, in your life, in this world.

Sitting together, at the distance, in strong loving embrace. Feeling the One Being, One Life, that we all are.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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