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Disappointment As Emancipation

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

The emotional roller coaster that may be our lives more often these days than usual is stretching us. Stretching us into understanding beyond and beneath our experience in life. The opening and awakening that can happen within us as we are pushed into facing into this uncomfortable energy can be healing.

This piece found its way into my documents, waiting to be offered here. Bowing to the author, unknown.

"Disappointment is inescapable but necessary; a misunderstood mercy and when approached properly, an agency for transformation and the hidden, underground, engine of trust and generosity in a human life.

The attempt to create a life devoid of disappointment is the attempt to avoid the vulnerabilities that make the conversations of life real, moving, and life-like; it is the attempt to avoid our own necessary and merciful heartbreak.

To be disappointed is to reassess our self and our inner world, and to be called to the larger foundational reality that lies beyond any false self we had only projected upon the outer world.

What we call disappointment may be just the first stage in our emancipation into the next greater pattern of existence.

To be disappointed is to reappraise not only reality itself but our foundational relationship to the pattern of events places and people that surround us, and which, until we were properly disappointed, we had misinterpreted and misunderstood.

Disappointment is the first, fruitful foundation of genuine heartbreak from which

we risk ourselves in a marriage, in a work, in a friendship, or with life itself."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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