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Bowing in Reverence

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Given what we all have gone through these past eight months- and continue to go through- most likely we do not need a day like Thanksgiving to remind us to be grateful.

For many of us, our first thought upon waking in the morning is one of gratitude- for being alive, being healthy, for our family and friends being well, for everything being okay enough.

Gratitude may have become our daily mantra, especially when we hear news of others struggling or ill. We are fully cognizant of how blessed we are.

Perhaps then the Spirit of Thanksgiving can take on a different tone this year. That of ... Reverence.

Reverence: honoring of the Sacred. The Divine/God/That Which Is the Essence of all living beings... of everything. The Sacredness that is life.

Sometimes feeling the Sacredness of another human being can seem a bit elusive, even with those with whom we are deeply intimate. Differences in our ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings can seem to block access to our experiencing Sacredness in the other.

And yet, when we turn and face our animal family members, it seems as if the Sacredness that is at the heart of everything is fully present and shines right through them... so easy for us to experience with them. Through their energy, their eyes- in the way they look at us, call to us, lean into us or lay in our laps. In all of who they are and what they do, Sacredness is present.

Something we can't describe touches us, something that goes far beyond the sweetness and beauty of who they are as beings inhabiting bodies. Something that emanates from a deep Source, that is profoundly opening and moving. And when we meet It, we relax, and we are able to recognize It as ourselves as well. Sacredness expressing in each one of us as the Miracle of Life.

Sacredness is our True Nature. The True Nature of everyone- all living beings- and everything...our world, universe, and beyond.

Bowing in the Sacredness that is All.

Just look into your animal beloveds eyes. It is right there looking back at you.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna

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