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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Balance In Challenge

Dear Spirit to Spirit,

This winter in the East has been, so far, very unusual. A leisurely stroll in mild weather, unlike any other winter we have ever experienced. One good-sized now storm- and the grass- is still green beneath.

I often think about the wild ones this season. I wonder how they are with this peculiar difference, how does this impact their natural rhythms and their lives?

One beautiful piece of wisdom that animals demonstrate to us in how they live their lives is an opening to and an acceptance of what is. Whether it is a gorgeous day for the wild ones or a rugged stormy day. How they move with the energy of what is here now and make whatever adjustments are needed in the moment. Being with the ever-changing, ever flowing movement of life and whatever life brings forward.

We may have witnessed this in our own lives when an animal family member becomes ill. The exquisite mastery in animals at being with whatever is occurring and resting in balance with that. It is simply natural for them right themselves in balance, adapt to change- whatever it is- whatever it is for as long as they can.

This extraordinary capacity can present a tremendous challenge for us as many animals often don't present a clear sign of unwellness until the illness has progressed. It doesn't allow us to intervene early. And yet, from the larger perspective, this is the most natural movement for all living beings, for all life- living in acceptance and discovering the movement that restores deep harmony in being.

As we deepen our relationship with our animal family members, our communication can become more intuitive so that we may be able to sense something shifting for them in a very subtle way, before they need to try to balance more deeply. And, acceptance and balance are qualities that we can learn to embrace in our own lives, as yet another gift from the animals.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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