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And Then... Slience

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Have you ever noticed this?

It is morning. The birds have been singing their songs, chirping their chirps, since dawn. And then, sometime around mid morning... there is silence. Suddenly and all at once. Not a sound for twenty, thirty minutes or longer.

Absolute silence and stillness.

I began to notice this recently on some days although it certainly may have been occurring for some time- or always. I did some research online about birds and their morning song patterns. They are known to sing excitedly at dawn, then slow down their songs as there is more light and they begin to forage. This is different. It is a complete cessation of sound, as if everyone got the same memo at the same time and just stopped. The silence/stillness feels as if we have been transported into another dimension.

Even if the birds are finished with their dawn songs and are foraging, for all birds to suddenly and all at once become completely silent and still at length... it makes one wonder. The science of birds does not seem to have an answer. And so, instead of trying to figure out

the why of this, perhaps it's more useful to feel into the silence and be curious about it.

This silence feels similar to the depth dimension that can open in meditation. It feels

like what is referred to as "the space inbetween"- the still space that is between the

out-breath and the next in-breath, between the contraction and the next expansion.

After the glorious explosion dawn's light, the awakening of day amplified by sounds

and songs, and then a movement inward into foraging, perhaps this is the moment

of stasis... before the next in-breath of life.

It feels like a gateway into That Which Is Deeper, inviting us to drop into what is within and underneath all sound and sensation, all movements of life, into a deeper dimension

of life.

One thing is for sure. There is something unsual and yet deeply familiar in the quality of energy of this silent event. Something almost magical. So, if you become aware of this during your morning, enjoy relaxing in the exquisite silence and stillness. You may find yourself moved in surprising ways.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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