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A Goat Named Charlie

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Charlie is a fabulous goat being. Her mom asked me to help this 6 year old girl who was quite ill at the time.

Charlie had an unusual beginning. Born with extreme challenges, she needed human intervention and care (her mom) to survive.

She is a sweet, fun, and wild girl.

Charlie became ill with "something" and began losing weight, wasn't eating, and was lethargic.

She lost her desire and capacity to play, run, and chase- her favorite activities.

What made this even scarier for Charlie's mom is that she recently had to release another one of her goat family members who had become ill with the same symptoms. She was terrified that she would lose Charlie too.

We had our initial session and began healings on March 23rd, twice weekly. Here is Charlie's mom's update after her first healing:

"Hi Joanna, thank you! Charlie actually had a very good day today. I think maybe just having the communication yesterday helped her some. She ate her herb powders this morning, we played ball- for the first time she actually chased the ball some too 😀). She bucked and hopped and did her wild girl buckaroo antics a few times. She climbed on one of her play sets for the first time in a long time, she stood up on her table and ate leaves off a tree. She walked around the whole pasture for a little bit just being interested in exploring her world again, she had a great appetite for her snacks and hay today too. We had a happy day!"

After the next healing:

"Last night when I came out for her night night treats she had a gentleness about her I haven't seen in a long long time. She came over and laid her face on my knee and relaxed and closed her eyes for a bit. It's something she hasn't done in a very long time. It was beautiful. That was my baby girl."

The following week:

"I weighed her today and she's gained almost 2 pounds since last week! She's enjoying

fresh fruits and a few horse treats, and she's eating her hay well too. She's definitely not lethargic, but some days she plays more than other days. We play ball every day though and take walks around the pasture together."


"I just looked out the window and Charlie is playing with her balls, pushing them around with her nose and kicking them and chasing them, even jumping around at them. I knew she was playing with them by herself because I would find them in different places, but I hadn't seen it before. SUPER CUTE!"


"I came out last night to give her her night night treats and kiss and that girl had rolled one of her balls into her house herself during a break in the rain. 😀 She had rolled it from the entire other side of the yard and maneuvered it around the fencing. That took a lot of work! I'm so proud of her. She's brilliant. And determined to play with her ball no matter what! That's my girl!"

Charlie is healing in beautiful ways. Even if there is "something" going on inside her, spiritual healing can offer her the possibility of living in health, balance, and ease with it and have a long life.

Kick those balls Charlie and enjoy!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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