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May all human beings and animal beings on our planet receive the Grace of Healing in their lives

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"Joanna Seere is an insightful teacher who has taught others how to communicate with their animals. In bridging the imaginary gap between people and family member animals, Joanna helps us respect and care for one another.

In clinical practice, I have found the pet owners who worked with Joanna to be knowledgeable about their pet's condition, open to new ideas and eager to help their pet recover from illness and disease. It has been my privilege to work with Joanna's clients and their pets who demonstrate so well that personal communication is fundamental to healing."

- William Konrad Kruesi, M.S., D.V.M

"Ten years ago, Joanna helped my cat Jack make a major difficult adjustment. Jack was a stray in Bermuda that I found while on vacation. He went from sharing a peaceful home environment and being the focus of everyone's attention, to abruptly trying to cope with the introduction of two new puppies. Each time Joanna spoke with him, I could immediately see a difference in his behavior. Joanna's communication with the puppies, Keira and Bandit, also helped to ease Jack's anxiety. I credit Joanna with giving Jack the courage and strength to take his place as the leader of all the cats and dogs I’ve adopted over the years.

Joanna's sensitivity not only helped Jack make a transition, but allowed me to deal with a stressful situation. The developing relationships between the three animals are a work in progress, but one that I'm sure Joanna will continue to help us manage.

Recently Joanna helped my other cat Luigi, who is suffering with intestinal lymphoma as well as numerous other health issues.  Luigi had lost his appetite and was lethargic.  I had numerous tests run on him from his internist, cardiologist, and oncologist.  All the results were inconclusive and Luigi’s health continued to decline. 


Joanna did an individual healing session for him.  He was also part of a Healing Circle a few days later.  Almost immediately, I noticed an increase in his appetite and a return to his feisty demeanor.  His eyes no longer lacked luster and he was just a happy cat!  I credit Joanna’s intervention for getting Luigi back on track.


I am most fortunate to have had Joanna help me and my fur-babies get through some very difficult times." 

- Erin Hinton, Yonkers, NY

"I approached Joanna for support for my dog, Baba. She helped us make the decision for surgery and supported me through my fears. She did communication and long-distance healing work prior to and after the surgery.

I am convinced that her work contributed greatly to his rapid, smooth and easy recovery. Her insights and understanding were remarkable, particularly as she had only seen his photograph. Even though I live in the Middle East, distance didn't seem to matter. She gave me regular updates, support and assurance during this difficult period.

Joanna is warm, caring, easy to talk to and thoroughly professional. Baba and I are very grateful that we had Joanna by our side."

- Sharadha Bain, Dubai, UAE

"I came to Joanna because my four-month-old dog, Camoun, had been attacked by four dogs, and I wanted to be sure I understood what was going on inside him. After the last healing, something changed dramatically for Camoun and me. I now seem to get through to him in a way I never had before."

- Beatrice Imperiali, New York, NY

"My cat Cookie developed diabetes at a very early age. Joanna helped me relate to Cookie on a much deeper level. His health improved within four months of treatment, and he was taken off of insulin completely. Now, at age six, Cookie is healthy and vibrant. Joanna also assisted us in finding Pumpkin, the right kitten for Cookie. They are both happy, healthy and get along well. I am forever grateful for Joanna's help."

- Pai-Ling Teng, San Chung City, Taiwan

"My favorite story working with Joanna concerns a shepherd mix... a rescue I was fostering who had a lot of problems. It seemed that this dog could not be housebroken. She had it backwards. We'd walk for hours and the minute she came inside, she cheerfully squatted. I was at my wit's end. How could I possibly place this dog? 

I booked a session with Joanna. The next day, the dog was completely housebroken. This is a true story!"

- H.J., Brooklyn, NY

"When our cat Gabby was diagnosed with metastasized intestinal lymphoma, we decided to explore both traditional and holistic methods of treatment.

I am thrilled to say that Joanna's work has helped Gabby's cancer continue to be in remission, and it has helped improve the health of our 18-year-old cat, Spats. I found that these sessions helped me tremendously too, by bringing me closer to my cats and to my spiritual center."

- Y.G., New York, NY

"My animals and I have had sessions with Joanna dealing with a variety of issues. Through communication and healing, Joanna helped my son's cat (who was feeling lost, misplaced and maladjusted in his new home with another cat ) transform into a content animal who now lies paw-to-paw and even head-to-head with his new friend. 

Working with Joanna is a pleasure. She is extremely compassionate and loving... an extraordinary woman and healer. I am thrilled to be able to have her as part of my life and my pets' lives."

S.G., Long Island, NY

"Dharma is our 16 year old senior, wise head of our large dog family. About 3 years ago, he was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure (with a murmur) for which he received a diuretic for a few weeks.  Dharma has been a Circle member since they began years ago. He receives Circle healings as well as some healing in between. In the past 3 years since his diagnosis, he has had no further episodes of congestive heart failure and he has not needed any cardiac medication. Although he’s lost a little muscle mass, his spirits and energy level and activity level are good for his age and he shows no effects of the illness."    

- Rich and Sharon Mayer, Teaneck, NJ

"At a time when I was close to giving up on my young, energetic, spooky mare, we began long distance sessions with Joanna. Initially, I noticed the sessions had a calming effect on my mare. Eventually, she became more manageable for longer periods of time as we learned to understand each other in new ways.

I learned to see problems from a different perspective. My mare has become much braver, and I have learned to sense what she needs from me to help her."

- C.G., Los Altos, CA

"Joanna has been an extraordinary healer for my family. She guided us gently through the death of a beloved cat a few years ago, and then helped the remaining cat through his grief and loneliness. When we finally brought a new cat home, Joanna worked with both cats to help the older one shift some very destructive behavior patterns. The two cats are now friends and have, with Joanna's help, weathered together the experience of bringing a new baby into our home. 

Words can barely express the gratitude we have for Joanna. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who loves their animal companions."

- W.J., New York, NY

"Working with Joanna has been a blessing for me and for my animals. Her talent and insight have helped me through all kinds of situations from moving, to illness, to introducing new animals to my household. Joanna has helped me not only with my dogs (Luka and Chloe) but also with my iguana, my bird and even my struggle with the plight of animals in general in this world. Since I have been working with her (about 7 years now) I have a better understanding of my pets and my relationship with all living creatures. I can't imagine not working with her and those who are hesitant to call her are missing out on so much."

- S.R., Providence, RI

"I met Joanna several years ago when took her Introductory Workshop on Animal Communication and Healing — a wonderful learning experience!

This past year, our very special and beloved cat Fred had some medical problems. Joanna did some healing sessions with us. Through these sessions, a greater understanding and healing bond developed between me, my husband and Fred. Joanna has inner peace and a great sense of humor. Her ability to become one with the interconnectedness of all life allows her to communicate with animals and for healing to occur."

- C.I., Brewster, NY