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Sweet Clementine's Journey in Healing

by Tracy Miles, Oakland, CA

I've had my lovely Maltese Clementine since she was 12 weeks old and I love her dearly. All her life, she has been a happy, sweet, playful girl. We are so very close and Clementine has always been loved and admired by her family and everyone she meets. She is a very wonderful girl.

When she reached about the age of 16, she had become fully blind, deaf, and had some dementia. She had become uncertain about walking around the house, bumping into things, less confident. She also started barking anxiously at night, barking incessantly all night. Nothing I could do would calm her. She wasn’t sleeping and neither was I. I was becoming increasingly anxious because I couldn’t find a way to calm her.

So I enrolled her in healing Circles (starting with a “Circle Intensive”) with Joanna (who is my healer as well!) and the results were amazing and immediate. She starting sleeping through the night and her anxiety was gone!

After a while, feeling like she could do well on medication, I put her on Xanax at night and so I stopped the Circles thinking that this would do it. Well, after many sleepless nights, I realized that although Xanax helped some, alone it was not enough, so I enrolled her in the Circles 3 times a week. The change, once again, was so surprising and amazing. She became calmer, no anxiety in her waking life, and slept at ease at night. 

Recently, with Clementine at 17 years old, I was going away for a week-long vacation (something I don’t usually do) and I had to leave my girl at home and in the care of others. I was so concerned about her well being and the caretakers’ well being. Between the possibility of her getting anxious with me being away and her being a bit of a “snapper” (when I go to pick her up), which is hard enough for me and would be much harder on someone who is not deeply in love with her- and with her “special needs”- I was really worried about leaving her.

I called Joanna and requested a Circle healing every day of the week I was gone.

I checked in almost daily with the caregivers and their reports were 'all good.'  She was sleeping okay, eating normally, and resting all day. She did not snap when she was picked up! She seemed fine.

This was my report to Joanna when I came home:

“She is so relaxed and content. It is absolutely amazing. When I go to pick her up, she doesn’t go to bite me. She is eating well and sleeping all the way through the night!”

In Clementine’s more senior years, when I’ve held her, she always had this kind of tension in her body. It is just not there anymore. Phew, what a relief! I can't tell you how happy I am. 

The “Circle Intensives” have made a world of really is like night and day.  She is calm, content, and completely relaxed in her body.

As the mother of a senior canine girl, now at age 17 years and 3 months, the Circles have been the greatest gift. To know that Clementine is experiencing such relaxation when her world has become so small makes my heart sing.

I know that my girl is living her “golden years” with as much love and support not only from me and her family but from her bigger family, her Spirit to Spirit family. I see what a huge difference this makes for her. She is happy as her senior self and I am thrilled to have my sweetest angel here with me. 


*Although Clementine is now passed, we hold her with us as part of the Spirit to Spirit community and thank Tracey for sharing her story

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